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The Project Behind a Front Page Full of Names

Times Insider explains who we are and what we do, and delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how our journalism comes together.Instead of the articles, photographs or graphics that normally appear on the front page of The New York Times, on Sunday, there is just a list: a long, solemn...

G.O.P. Voters Back QAnon Conspiracy Promoter for U.S. Senate

SEATTLE — Republicans in Oregon have selected a Senate candidate who promotes the QAnon conspiracy theory, the latest sign that conservatives are increasingly willing to embrace a movement built on a baseless series of plotlines about President Trump battling a shadowy globalist cabal.Jo Rae Perkins was carrying about 50 percent of the...

Is Ronan Farrow Too Good to Be True?

To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.It was a breathtaking story, written by The New Yorker’s marquee reporter and published with an attention-grabbing headline: “Missing Files Motivated the Leak of Michael Cohen’s Financial Records.”