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When a Close Friend Has Doubts About Vaccinations

I was at a barbecue with a few of my closest friends last summer when the topic of vaccines came up. In the kitchen, while grabbing plates and silverware for the table, I flippantly muttered something like, “Anti-vaxxers are the worst.” I assumed we all shared the same stance. “I think I might be one,”...

Live Coronavirus Updates and News

About a dozen states are seeing an uptick in cases. California is in “economic free fall” after its early shutdown. After President Trump appeared to mock Joseph R. Biden Jr. for wearing a mask, the former vice president said, “You’re supposed to lead by example.” Source link Health

Coronavirus World News: Brazil, India, China, France

Brazil authorizes using hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 patients amid a debate over its efficacy and dangers.Brazil’s government on Wednesday encouraged doctors in the public health care system to treat coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine — a move the country’s two recently departed health ministers refused to sign off on because the drug can cause...